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Is placement consultancy worth hiring

Globalisation and liberalization have exaggerated the demand for human resource. choosing and hiring a right worker has forever been a challenge. It still is a challenge that's why, majority of corporations

outsource their recruitment method to placement consultancies so as to hire right candidate for their organisation.

These consultants play a crucial role in the business world. From little organisations to massive international companies, corporations consider the experience of recruitment consultancy for meeting their staffing needs in a cost-effective and timely manner

Main steps followed by consultancy agencies

The consultancy agencies in India perform various tasks such as preparing job description and person specification, advertising, management of the response, the prequalification process, organising meetings, conducting interviews, making decisions, the appointment and action.

6 main benefits of hiring placement consultancy

Time saving: Recruitment consultant does the initial screening of the candidate thus saving the valuable time of HR people of the company, which they can utilise in some other important matters

Access to job portals: These consultants also have access to various job portals such as naukri, monster, timesjob, etc. thus ensuring that best quality candidates are available for the company

Free replacement: Job consultants generally give three months of free replacement of candidates in case the candidate leaves the organization

Reference check: These consultants in India , also perform reference check to assure the authenticity of the information given by the candidates

Coordination: Placement consultant co-ordinates with candidates from beginning to the end thus reducing the efforts of company’s HR people

Reduces company’s overall workload: Job consultant takes off placement work load from the overloaded company HR’s



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